5 Time Management Tips for Better Productivity

Ade Omosanya


Ade Omosanya


Oct 6, 2023

5 Time Management Tips for Better Productivity

Struggling to get through your to-do list? You're not alone. Many of us grapple with finding enough hours in the day to get everything done.

But don't worry, help is at hand! In this blog, we'll share five simple, yet effective, time management tips that can boost your productivity.

By following these, you'll not only get more done but also free up time for what truly matters to you. So, let's dive in and reclaim your day!

1. Two-minute Rule

This clever rule is all about tackling small tasks immediately. If a task takes two minutes or less, do it straight away instead of putting it off.

This method helps you clear minor tasks quickly and prevents them from piling up. It saves time in the long run because you spend less time re-organising and more time doing.

2. Grouping Similar Tasks

Grouping similar tasks, also known as batching, is a simple yet effective strategy. By doing similar tasks together, you reduce the mental effort and the time of switching between different types of work. This leads to increased focus, efficiency, and time-saving.

For example, answer all your emails at once or schedule all your meetings back-to-back. It's an easy way to streamline your workday and get more done in less time.

3. Work on Your Biological Prime Time

Everyone has a time of the day when their energy and focus peak. This is your Biological Prime Time.

By identifying this time, you can schedule your most challenging tasks for when you're most alert. You'll find these tasks easier to complete, reducing the effort and time needed and increasing your productivity.

4. Take Advantage of Technology

Technology can be a massive aid when it comes to saving time. There are countless apps designed to help you organise your work, manage your time, and stay focused. Use these tools to your advantage.

They can automate tedious tasks, remind you of deadlines, and even block distracting websites. By leveraging technology, you can make your work more efficient and less stressful.

5. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking might seem like a good way to get more done, but it often leads to mistakes, half-finished tasks, and physical burnout. Concentrating on one task at a time allows you to give it your full attention, resulting in higher-quality work and fewer errors.

You'll also finish tasks faster as you're not constantly switching between different things. You have to prioritise your tasks and focus on one at a time. This will help you achieve more with minimal effort and time.

6. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about staying present and focused. By paying full attention to the task at hand, you can complete it more efficiently and in less time.

Practising mindfulness regularly can also improve your overall focus and concentration, making every task easier and quicker to complete. Yoga and meditation can be game-changers when it comes to developing mindfulness.


In conclusion, achieving more with less effort is all about smart planning and mindful execution. By utilising the time-saving strategies we mentioned, you can significantly boost your productivity. Remember, it's not about working harder but working smarter.

Start incorporating these strategies into your daily routine and see the difference they make to your workload.

Ade Omosanya


Ade Omosanya


Oct 6, 2023

Ade Omosanya is a father of one, a UK Chartered Certified Accountant and owner of AO Accountants Ltd. He has a keen eye for all things finances and shares his thoughts and tips via the My Future Pound blog.

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