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Ade Omosanya My Future Pound

My name, in short, is Ade (pronounced Ah-day) and I was born in Nigeria, 1993. My name means God's Crown (AdeOluwa) and I am married to my beautiful wife Dami, and at the time of writing this have 1 son.


I came to the UK at the tender age of 4 with my mum, dad and older sister (I am the 2nd of 4 children). As you can imagine, being an immigrant came with its own challenges but I was determined to make a success of my circumstances.


Fast forward a number of years and it dawned on me (with input from my parents) that I wanted to become a Qualified Accountant. I accepted my fate when I was 16 that I would study at college and University to become a Qualified Accountant. After University in 2016, I self-studied two qualifications con-currently and became a Fellow of the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers). I then went on to study with the ACCA to become a professional accountant.


2018 saw me accomplish that goal after years of hard work, discipline and sleepless nights - I became a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. I obtained a practice licence in 2021.


I have been working within accountancy since leaving University in various roles to develop my experience. In 2016, I launched my first business AO Accountants Ltd, accountancy experts supporting creative businesses and individuals nationwide. Over the years, I have enjoyed collaborating with business owners and now have a portfolio of valuable clients. I have now grown my business from £0 to 6 figures.


I am a firm believer in giving back and as such, My Future Pound Ltd was born. I decided to start a blog that discusses: personal finances, side hustles, productivity and entrepreneurship to share my experiences and hopefully be able to help someone else achieve their financial goals.


This blog will therefore give first-hand experiences about my own journey from immigrant to a Chartered Certified Accountant with a keen eye for business.


Happy reading and I hope I can add value to you as you read my various blog articles on this website.

Disclaimer: Please note that advice given on this website does not constitute sound financial advice. I always recommend seeking professional advice tailored to your specific requirements. Any links you click on this website may relate to an affiliate and is therefore for paid promotion.

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About My Future Pound

My Future Pound is a personal blog covering personal finances, side hustles, productivity and entrepreneurship. Here I share some top tips using real life examples and hopefully be able to help someone else achieve their own financial goals.

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